Saturday, March 27, 2010

Banning Beef?

Why do you oppose ban of cow slaughter?
This is a clear move to impose hindutwa agenda on Hindus, followers of other religions and non religious people. India is a secular country and wishes of one sect should not be imposed as law.

But Hinduism prohibit beef eating.
It doesn’t. Vedas have several verses on gomedham (cow sacrifies) and vedic rishis ate beef. Upanishads follow the same approach towards beef. Great phyisicans and surgeons of ancient India advocated beef. None of the Hindu gods advocated vegetarianism. Ram and Shiva ate meat. I couldn’t find any saying in any hindu religious texts that prohibits beef.

But a religion can change and have new set of rules.
It sure can. But regarding prohibition of beef, it never happened to Hindus. From the vedic times to modern times, beef was always a part of diet for most of the Hindus . Ashtamga hridaya, written around 10th Century advocates beef as good meat. Bhavaprakasha, another ayurvedic text written in 16th Century prescribes beef diet for quick muscle gain, curing sinusitis and several other chronic conditions. Two most revered Sages of modern times - Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa and Swami Vivekanada were non vegetarians. Vivekanada ate beef and appealed to Hindus to stop being kitchen-centric and turn person centric instead. Today, Hindus of Sikkim, Meghalaya, Misoram, Assam, several parts of Bengal, Kerala eat beef in plentry and a sizeable portion of Hindus in other states do it too.

Why are you so worried about cow slaughter ban? Would Saudi Arabia allow pork sale?
Saudi Arabia is an Islamic country and India is a secular one. I wouldn’t advocate ban of pork in India either. If religious text of Muslims prohibit pork, let them decide not to eat it. Others should have the option. Saudi Arabia is not India’s role model anyway, we do not want pick pocket’s hands to be cut and people to be beheaded for crimes.

You are from Kerala. Havent you heard of Sri Narayana Guru’s speech that coins cow to your mother? Eating a cow that provides you milk during infancy is like killing and eating your own mother according to Sri Narayana.
With great reverence to all the good deeds of Sri Narayana , I differ from him on this. Cow did not visit my house and feed me out of love. Somewhere a cow was enslaved, impregnated without her consent, the food she produced for her offspring was stolen by force and fed to me. I owe no gratitude to her or the people who tortured her to produce milk- for monetary gains. Then I was fed formula milk- I do not consider chairman of Glaxo as my mother. When I had lactose allergy, I was on Soymilk. I don’t consider those bean plants as my mothers either.

Research says meat eating is bad for health.
There is no research available that says meat eating is bad for everybody. Those who live on affluent protein rich diets should go really low on meat, diary, sugar and oils. Majority of Indians are having protein insufficiency and their options should not be reduced. Even if every single Indian is having an affluent diet, banning beef does not make any sense, when there is no call to ban milk, sugar and oil that are euqally harmful for affluence related diseases, banning beef is certainly not in good intention. Butter, ghee, hydrogenated vegetable fats and refined food are far more dangerous for chronic conditions. You should be addressing these first if you are so cautious about these conditions.

Vegetarians live longer according to research.
These researches are done on people of rich countries who adopt a healthy and expensive plant based diet, give up oil and refined food, exercise and monitor their health on a daily basis. Life expectancy of Indians is far less than comparable beef eating countries - Thailand and China for example.

Humans are basically monkeys and are natually vegetarians.
We are not. Evolution changed us. We need Vitamin B6, which can be obtained from non vegetarian diet . B6 deficiency is appalling in India. By the way from where did you get the idea that all monkeys are vegetarians? How many animals you know drink milk produced by an entirely different species?

If we allow cow slaughtering, milk cost will increase.
It will increase if we stop cow slaughtering. Unproductive cattle population will increase if we cannot use them for food and cost of diary industry will un-necessarily increase.

Isnt slaughter an act of cruelty? Would you like to be slaughtered?
Yes. And we are curel by nature. Look at this, we tie up cows and enslave them, we rape and impregnate them, then we steal the milk it produces for its offspring. I certainly would prefer death than being treated like this!

I respect cows. It is part of my belief. Who are you to get into that?
Great. I was just waiting for this. Honey, you respect cows. I do not. You can chose not to eat beef. If you have to suffer for what you believe, it is fine with me. If I HAVE TO SUFFER for what you believe, it is fascism. Terrorists also believe I have to suffer for their belief.